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Voice Over Demos and Voiceover Samples from Don Capone Male Voice Talent Actor Voiceover Demo Reels Male Voice Over Artist Demo Don Capone offers: Deep and warm for voice narration or smooth and compelling for corporate presentations. Sexy, Expressive and Emotional, Dramatic Powerful Exciting and Energetic, Over the Top to The Guy Next Door. Straight Believable Profound and Trusted. Accurate Honest and Convincing. Sincere and Eloquent. Ruff gruff and Gritty, Hard Hitting, Fast slow and easy. Sports Announcer Sportscaster, Animated Articulate and Educated Narrator. High Energy Voice with Articulated speech. Distinct and meaningful. From Loud and Obnoxious to Soft and Friendly Credible Open and Secure Articulation. A real Man's Man voice. Strong Dynamic Aggressive Dark and Fresh. Movie Guy voice, Provocative and Alarming. Passionate Charming and Delightful. Lite Relaxed Calming and Laid Back. Punchy and Enthusiastic. Scary and Retro Horror. Appealing with Nonchalant Debonair Suave and Intelligent Dialogue. New York accent New Yorker, Hillbilly redneck, Southern accent Western Cowboy, Crazy, Wild Hip and Cool. Comical funny and Entertaining. Also can do character voices that are believable! Automotive Voice Overs, Documentary Narration, Podcasting, Corporate Narration, DVD Video Voice, Audio Books, Radio Station Voice Imaging, Movie Trailer Voice, Announcer, Business Presentations, Training Videos, Infomercial Voice Talent

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Voice Over Talent Don Capone is a professional Voice Actor. From Voice-Over LA to NY and the world. If you need Voice Over Talent for Movie Trailer Voice Overs, Radio Imaging, Narration Services to Commercial Voice Over Talent, then contact DC today. American English Voice Over Artist.

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